Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last Day of Class!

Hey Guys!

Just a quick reminder that we're meeting in the Writing Center today. Bring whatever materials (laptop, flash drives, Writing Projects) you need to work on your Reflective Essays and Portfolios!

See you there!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vengence Is So Confusing

The film Sympathy For Lady Vengence is a tale of, you guessed it, vengence. The film starts with the main character coming home after being imprisioned for thirteen years. She was in prison for murdering a young boy. She was forced to confess though she was innocent. The story goes back and forth between present and her prison time. Many stories intertwine. She killed in prison a bigger woman who forced the other girls into sexual acts. The main character killed her by feeding her bleach. However, the main character seemed to have undergone a transformation on discovery of prayer but she had a demon and an angel in her soul. In the film she finds her daughter and brings her to South Korea. She is sorry for abandoning her daughter and her daughter confesses to wanting vengence when she was younger but not after meeting her mother. The main character finds the man, a teacher, who set her up and traps him in an abandoned school in the mountains. She gathers the parents of the children to see what he did to their children and extract their revenge. Each family has their turn and after he is dead they bury him in the woods. After that they feel reborn there for celebrate a birthday. The main characer heads home to her daughter in the end and tells her to remain pure.
The film Sympathy For Lady Vengence was interesting and somewhat confusing. The film was visually well shot but the story left me in the dust. It introduced characters that did little to nothing to the main story. Her jail moments only showed a side of her that I would call an angel of death. She killed bad women in prison. Perhaps its how she has the will and drive to kill in the end of the film. Other parts of the film seemed useless such as her relation with a coworker in a bakery. I saw it as just something to distract you from the main story. In all the movie was good dispite the headache but I dont believe I would go out of my way to watch it again.
P.S. Did the main character die at the end?? I am so confused!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love Dogs??

The movie Amores Perros begins with a really bad accident that leaves all the people involved very injured. It takes place in Mexico City. This accident that begin the movie connects three different stories of love. One story is of two brothers and the sister-in-law. The younger brother Octavio wants to raise enough money to run away with his sister-in-law and nephew. So one day he decides to enter his dog Cofi into dog fights to get money. After a bad dog fight Octavio leaves in his car. When running a red light he runs into a car and causes the really bad accident. He ran into a model named Valeria and the accident causes her to lose her leg and her modeling career. El Chivo is a homeless man that enjoys the company of all his stray dogs he has taken in. One day well he was out in the streets he witnessed the dangerous accident and ended up taking Cofi because Octavio was taken away in the ambulance.

This movie was really interesting I liked it. It was all in spanish that was a negative, I did understand and read the captions but I wouldv'e liked to understand it more. This movie was purely about love and how it can change your life for good or bad. It was mainly about cheaters and affairs. It was a really good movie and I liked how the director tied the three stories into the one accident. All three stories were at the accident even if one just witnessed it he was there as well.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Head of the Mafia

The Godfather was filmed in 1972 and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Marlon Brando and Al Pacino star as Vito Corleone and his youngest son, Michael. In New York, Corleone is in the phrasing of organized crime, a "godfather" which is the head of a Mafia family. Michael has rebelled against his father by enlisting in the Marines to fight in World War II and returned back as a captain and a hero. He rejected the family business a long time ago. He shows up at his sister Connie's wedding with his non-italian girlfriend, Kay who learns for the first time about the family business. During Christmas time, the godfather barely survives as he was shot multiple of times during a drug trafficking rival. Michael persuades his older brother Sonny, and family members Tom, and Sal that he will be the one to get revenge on the men. After he murders a police captain and the drug trafficker, Michael hides out while a war begins at home. Michael then falls in love and marries a local girl who was murdered by Corleone enemies. Sonny is also murdered. When Michael returns home, he convinces Kay to mary him, and his father recovers and makes peace with all his enemies. Later, Michael becomes the new godfather and leads his family into a new era of prosperity.

Overall this movie was very long, and I was beginning to get antsy. Its one of those movies that you really have to pay attention to in order to really understand it. But I enjoyed the story line, and the whole mafia concept. I would like to watch it again, so I can get a better understanding.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Group 3 introduction

For our audience we chose The California Board of Education. California is the most populated state in the country yet they buy their public school textbooks from Texas. The Texas Board of Education wants to remove key Hispanic and African-American figures from curriculum in the textbooks that California and the rest of the country buy. Significant people and events that were based in California are proposed to be removed. We believe that if we can convince California to draft and purchase textbooks that are generally well rounded, historically accurate and unattached to religious affiliation, other states will be able to buy a textbook other than Texas' if they choose.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Group #1 Introduction

A majority of Las Vegas, New Mexico's residents are of Hispanic heritage. New Mexico's history is predominantly shaped by Hispanics. The Texas Board of Education has been making amendments to the K-12 social studies curriculum. These amendments will exclude important Latino figures from the curriculum. Some of these figures include César Chávez and César Romero. If these figures are excluded from the curriculum, the impact that they had on our history will soon be forgotten. For this reason, we feel that it is necessary that these Latino figures be included in the curriculum and therefore, into the textbooks. If they are not, we recommend that the PTA of Las Vegas City Schools does not purchase these textbooks.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Group project introduction

We chose students that attend a middle school in Austin Texas as our audience because if the Texas Board of Education passes these amendments, it will greatly affect their immediate future. We chose a comic strip as our genre because were informing them of complex ideas in a way they will understand.