Monday, September 27, 2010

Boring but Good

Citzen Kane was one of the most boring films I have ever watched. That was not due to its plot or to the dramatic soundtrack it had to go along with it. I found the plot actually was very interesting. A man, who became bigger than the country he loved and wanted to lead, finding himself dying alone to uter Rosebud as his last word. A news real to highlight his lifes works and mistakes to be made of him but could not be fully closed unless fully unserstanding what Rosebud meant. A man who had everything, and evrything drove him crazy, and caused him to be bitter when asked to reveal himself.

This movie plot would still be succesful in our day and age, writers would still use this plot as a love story. A man who had everything to give but himself, never truly being able to love or connect with the ones who loved him. The public would eat this stuff up. The only difference is a love story in our generation would have an ending to wrap things up and bring closer to the story. In Citizen Kane their was no closure, the movie left a viewer guessing. This is why AFI would consider this movie as an all time great. It could relate and be rereleased, with a couple adjustments and updates in filming production, during any generation. The soundtrack was a little dramatic and tried to force a gasp out of the audience which I personally do not like. I know when something is funny so an audience laughing will just take the humor out of it, just like when I know something is important and suspensful and a dramatic "DUN DUN DUN" tune playing will just anger me.

On a personal level I found the movie boring. I probably was not in a movie mode and never like black and white films to begin with. Life is full of color, so why watch a movie that wont portrait life to the fullest or make it so unrealistic and have your viewers lost in the directors world.


  1. Haha!
    Wow, that sounds like what I wanted to write. It was very boring and the music was a little crazy-dramatic. But at the end it shows Kane's sled he was playing with at the beginning of the movie before his lame parents gave him away, burning in the fire and it had the word Rosebud on it, so thats what Rosebud meant and there wasn't really any more guessing, just figuring out that he's holding onto that memory of being a happy kid, ya know before his dumb parents just gave him away.

  2. I'm confused, Manny. It sounds like you're saying the Discourse Community of AFI values films without closure. However, if you look at their Top 100 list , you'll find many films with closure.

    Also, I'm not sure I understand your end point. You're saying it's bad for an audience to get "lost in the director's world"? I would think that would mean the audience was very engaged in the film, meaning it's good.

    Lastly, proofread, and post on time ;-)

  3. When it comes to surrealistic writing, you are truly the master. Reading your post is just like appreciating a Picasso's masterpiece. I understand it a different way each time I look at it.

    Did I just see "... was ONE OF ..."? You must have seen all the movies in the world to find another movie that is as ahem boring as this one. To me, there is hardly any movie that can match its level. Citizen Kane is truly the top of my list. Yet it is merely one of your top. I salute you for that!