Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Casablanca, everybody wants out but they all found a way to make living there worth while. While everyone is on the hunt for a way out, letters of transit somehow find a way into Rick's hands. These letters are very important to have to escape the grasp Casablanca has on each of its victims. Having these letters will grant access to leave Casablanca to whomever has them, with no questions asked. To the people of Casablanca, these letters are important, but to the different discourse communities, they are of grave importance.
For Victor to get a hold of these letters, he will be able to leave Casablanca and fulfill his duties in America and finish his work. He will also be able to take his wife Ilsa. Victor's wife, Ilsa wants the letters of transit to give to Victor because she understands his work and knows that it is important for him to get out of Casablanca. Also, she knew that if he stayed in Casablanca any longer, he will die there. Another person, who wanted his hands on the letters were Captain Renault. He knew that if he had the letters, he would gain recognition, but not to mention, he would also be rich and he evolved around that. For Rick to have the letters, all he wanted was the truth. He wanted to know the reason why he was left alone with the letter from Ilsa. He knew he would be the center of attention if he had the letters and also, Ilsa would come his way with an explanation.
In the end, the letters ended up in the hands of the right person. Victor split with Ilsa to continue his great work , Rick found out the real reason he was left alone ,and he and Captain Renault joined a new cause.
These letters were important, not only because they were a way to escape Casablanca, but each person found out more about themselves they never knew existed.

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  1. Thanks for the comment! I like at the end of yours where you say they learned more about themselves. Rick learned theres something to actually work for besides his salloon and being a whiney bitch about Ilsa, Ilsa learned she has to be with her husband now and stop trampin' around with Rick, Captain Renault stopped going along with the Nazi's. As for the Nazi's, well, they just kept on sucking.