Monday, September 20, 2010

Casablanca Letters

Casablanca depicts the endurance of many individuals who dream of freedoms beyond the violent world they reside in. The letters of transit plays an important role in the movie because it has the permission from the Nazi officials to escape.
The first discourse community in the film is the overall authority in Casablanca which is the local police and Nazi officials. Their main goal is to control any resistance or resistance leaders from arousing violence. With the assistance of Captain Louis Renault, the Nazi officials are determined to keep Czech Resistance leader Victor Laszlo in Casablanca.
The second discourse community in the film is all the residents of Casablanca who desire to go to America. No individual wishes to be in Casablanca; they all desire and believe in the same perspective, which is to receive a letter of transit and take refuge in America. Figuratively speaking, they all ban together by desiring the same thing and look out for each other’s well being. For example, in the scene where Rich helps the Bulgarian woman and her unlucky husband receive money for their letters of transit further portrays how Casablanca citizens look out for each other.
The letters of transit are extremely valuable to the desperate people of Casablanca because it is their only ticket out of chaos. With a letter, any person is allowed to travel freely around German controlled Europe, to Portugal, and from there to America. The fact that the two German men were murdered by Ugarte for the letters displays how important a safe transit to America really is. Criminals benefit by selling the letters and people are more than willing to purchase no matter what the cost. I think the letters of transit are the most important because it gives the opportunity for resistance leaders like Victor Laszlo a chance for a new life or a new place to further advocate their beliefs.
To conclude, the letters of transit are literally worth everything to both discourse communities; it is a brand new start of a new beginning.


  1. Using your discourse communities was good..and the way you supported each of them showed that you fully understood the Genres between the discourse communities throughout the movie.

  2. I think you did a good job adressing all the issues and individuals and why they needed the letters but you could maybe add a little more to the people who wanted the letters. but other than that it was really good