Monday, September 20, 2010

Escape the Triangles of Casablanca

The letters of transit in Casablanca that everyone wants are like passports to travel. At that time they were needed just to travel across Europe. The general purpose is to travel. The more complex purpose of the letters depends on the person who has them. To most of everyone, the purpose is to get out of Casablanca and escape the invasion.

To everyone in Casablanca, the letters of transit lead to a better life. They may mean an escape to America and from the Nazi’s or more money from selling them. Some need to escape the Nazi’s and some need more money in their pocket. Either way, their value is almost priceless, because people are willing to do anything they can to get their hands on them. The thief who killed two Germans just to steal their letters of transit only does it for the money because he’s just a money loving thief. To the people he’s selling them to, it means everything to them, their life. The only reason he gave up the letters of transit to Rick was because he was going to get arrested and they would no longer hold the value they hold at that point and place in time, he had no more use for them. Rick almost has no use for them except fleeing from the Germans one they come along. But when Ilsa, his lost love comes into his saloon asking for the letters once, then twice, he just wants to help her and her husband Victor get back to America so Victor can help the ant-Nazi party, which Rick is all for. So for Rick and Victor the letters of transit are the beginning of them fighting the Nazi’s power that is reigning over Europe and saving Ilsa. Ilsa just wants to stay loyal to Victor by retrieving the letters from the lover she betrayed, even by threatening to shoot him. Yet she still holds a love for Rick because of their past and considers staying with him or at least pretends to potentially to get a hold of the letters for her and Victor. And once Ricks bar gets shut down, the letters of transit are even more crucial to the love triangle bunch. Escaping to America, the promise land, from the Nazi’s and fighting their power.

The letters of transit are the Nazi’s enemy. The Nazi’s don’t want their prey to get away. They and anyone following the orders of the Nazi party like the Nazi, Major Strasser and the police officer, Captain Louis are there to round up anyone to do with exchanging or possession of those letters. To them, the letters are a threat to their authority. They want to run with the higher power and do so in that manner. Strasser is hunting for Victor because he can’t let him escape the Nazi’s due to his anti-Nazi work he will continue in America if he escapes with the letters. Victor needs those letters to keep him and his wife alive. He was in a concentration camp and doesn’t want Ilsa to have the same fate he once had.

And the Bulgarian woman explains that her and her new husband desperately need to escape to America and need Ricks help doing so, otherwise she would have to perform sexual favors for the officer in order to obtain the letters of transit, which in the end she might have done if it hadn’t been for Rick’s “gambling skills” he uses in sacrifice to help this woman.


  1. I didn't really know what to write for the genre of the letters of transit. Lame...

  2. You had a great grasp about the importance of the letters and how much they meant to each person in the movie.