Monday, September 20, 2010

"Here's looking at you, kid"

Nicole McBride
English 111 12:30 PM
Mr. Villarreal

One genre of the letters of transit is between Rick and Isla. Yes, Isla needs to obtain those letters so her and her husband can escape to Lisbon safely, but she has to go through Rick to get them. This creates major conflict between Rick and Isla by reflecting on their past relationship and why it abruptly ended. Rick obviously still cares for Isla and in the end gives her the letters of transit so she can leave Casablanca with her husband Victor.

Another genre of the letters of transit is between Rick and Captain Renault. Captain Renault continuously asks Rick for the letters of transit because Renault knows that somehow Rick has them. Rick never discloses if he has them or not, but in the end arranges that Renault will be able to charge him on possession of the letters in exchange for releasing Lazlo.

A third genre of the letters of transit is between Rick and Ferrari. Ferrari is Rick’s business rival and continuously asks Rick when he can purchase his café. All Ferrari wants to do is obtain the letters of transit from Rick so he can sell them to the highest bidder.

Rick Blaine, Captain Renault, Isla Lund and Victor Lazlo, and the Nazi officials, are all their own separate discourse communities. The values of Rick are to remain neutral and eventually leave Casablanca. He repeatedly says, “I stick my neck out for nobody.” Rick does not take sides and simply just continues to run his business, “Rick’s Café Amercain.”

The values of Captain Renault are to follow the Nazi’s orders given to him. Captain Renault is after the letters of transit. He does follow what the Nazis say, but in the end we learn that Captain Renault eventually takes sides with Rick to fight against the Nazis.

The values of Isla Lund and Victor Lazlo are to leave Casablanca as soon as possible by obtaining the letters of transit and go to America. However, Isla feigns that she will not leave Rick again and just wants to get Victor out of Casablanca for his own safety. All she really wants are the letters of transit, which Rick has.

The values of the Nazi officials in Casablanca are to make sure that no one leaves without visas. The Nazi officials are also after the letters of transit to capture the murderers. Nazi official, Major Strasser, is to make sure that Victor Lazlo does not leave Casablanca by obtaining the letters of transit.

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