Monday, September 20, 2010

In the movie Casablanca the main focus for most characters were attaining papers of transit that would allow a person to leave Casablanca. The reasons to attain these papers were different for all characters. One person who wanted the papers was the head of the police force. The prefect had the right to sign papers and grant permisson to those he wanted to. There were still letters of transit floating around on the black market he wanted to attain. He had two main goals to attain all the papers, one was to whore young beautiful women in exchange for papers. The other was too impress Major Strasser of the Nazi Regime. Strasser wanted to attain the papers of transit because an escaped prisoner of an concetration camp was in town and he would trade those with him for the names of leaders in various underground resistance groups. This was Strassers last chance to apprehend the escapee. The escapee was Victor Lazlo, Lazlo wanted the papers to give hope to all those who were currently in occupied Nazi Regime countries. He was a symbol for the resistance, he also wanted his wife, Ilsa Lund, to be safe in America. Lund needed the papers to make sure her husband was safe and could continue his work in America by writting ant-Nazi pamphlets. She was at odds when it Casablanca because she was with her husband who she loved and would do anything for, literally anything, and the man she lust for, Rick. Rick was the only character who wanted nothing to do with the papers but found himself as the only one who had the papers everyone was looking for. He used these papers to lure the seductive Ilsa Lund over to his place and finally cracked and gave them to her. Rick's desire to keep the papers as long as he did was to find out the answer if Ilsa really loved him.


  1. Reading yours kinda of reassured me because I sort of wrote the same thing, phew. Hopefully we did it right thing, ha. So yeah, good job :) Good detail about the genres of the letter of transit! I do not really agree on the whole, "He used these papers to lure the seductive Isla Lund over..." He didn't lure her, she just like came to his house. Then again, you think she is like a 1950s hoe, so whatever, haha.

  2. I agree with Nicole on the last part. Rick didn't keep the papaers to lure Ilsa back to him. She came because of what you were saying a little before that. She wanted her Victor to be able to escape and she was willing to do anything for that.
    I think you nailed most of what you said though. Everyone was willing to go just that far to get the letters.