Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Bicycle, No Job!

“The Bicycle Thief” is about a man and his unfortunate struggles during the depressed post-war in Italy.

With no job or money, Antonio Ricci is trying to support his wife and two kids. Luckily he receives a job hanging posters of Rita Hayworth in the city, but he will need a bicycle. Antonio’s loving wife decides to pawn their sheets for money so her husband can get a bicycle in order to take the job.

The future looks bright for Antonio and his family; they will finally have money to survive. His job is going well and he and his wife are finally able to smile. Then, the unthinkable happens. While hanging up a poster in the streets, a young bold man rides away with Antonio’s dreams and bicycle.

Antonio does whatever he can to find this thief who stole his bicycle. Contacting the police was a waste of time, unwilling to give up and forget because the survival and wellbeing of his family depends greatly on finding the bicycle. So Antonio and young Bruno embark on a long mission determined to find their valuable bicycle. They walk around searching high and low. Finally, they recognize the thief with the bike, they are unable to catch him, but they continue looking for him.

Eventually, they make confrontation with the thief. The young man claims he is innocent and is supported by his neighbors. Antonio and Bruno lose hope. While sitting on a curb outside of a crowded football stadium, Antonio questions whether or not he should commit the crime that was committed upon him. Gathering up the confidence, he steals a bicycle, only to he chased down by the angry owner and a mob of yelling men. After being caught, Antonio is hit and criticized by the men. The look on his face portrays how embarrassed, ashamed, and how wrong it was of him to set a bad example for Bruno. The owner see’s the devastated face and tears of Bruno, he orders the men to release Antonio claiming, “He has enough problems.”

Together, Antonio and Bruno walk home hand in hand with the bluest tears in their eyes. The outlook for Antonio and his family is left unclear and gloomy.

I enjoyed watching the movie because it portrays the real struggles and misfortunes a family endures, but they still try keeping their heads high and hearts strong. Possessions can be stolen from you, but the most importance people in your life will not separated from you. Although, a happy ending is not shown in the end for Antonio, at least he still has the love and support of young Bruno. I think the meaning of the story is life can be unfair, but continue believing and you will find happiness in the most unexpected places.

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