Sunday, September 26, 2010

No Trespassing

“No Trespassing”. In “Citizen Kane”, the no trespassing sign at the end of the movie seemed like a significant importance. Throughout the movie Kane desired to be loved and did not want to be alone, but in the end like an abandoned property with a no trespassing sign, Kane died without loved ones surrounding him.
Charles Foster Kane died in his bedroom holding a snow globe and his last words ever spoken was “Rosebud”. After his death, a group of reporters gather and decide to discover and publish the significance of “Rosebud”.
A determine reporter who knows very little of Kane begins interviewing people who knew him very well. His friends, ex-wife, and servants tell their stories of Kane’s life from flashbacks.
Kane was taken from his home and loving mother as a child to be raised in a seemingly beneficial environment, he grows up to become a respectful man with determination. His rise to fame starts by becoming a famous and wealthy newspaper tycoon which makes him an ideal figure in America. Kane uses his wealth throughout his life to remain powerful and loved by many. Eventually, his success story leads to a failure story. He slowly loses his friends, power, marriages, and dies alone. The reporter does not truly understand the meaning of “Rosebud”, but figures out that it was something Kane lost or was missing in his life.
In the end, when his servants were burning his possessions, the little sled named Rosebud was thrown into the burning flames. I think the sled was important to Kane because it was the last happiness he had while being surrounded by the unconditional love of his parents.
Again, the “No Trespassing” sign portrays the fact that one no could truly understand Kane’s personality and the way he lived his life, they could only assume and remember.

“Citizen Kane” has been considered the best movie of all time. The film was a visual achievement of angles and images that had never before been captured. A good focus of the background and foreground was perfected in the film, for example, the clear shot of Kane playing outside while his parents discuss his future inside. The overall story of “Citizen Kane” was extremely interesting and enigmatic, but I think merely because of the film’s success in creating an iconic precedent it is considered glorious.


  1. You found the plot interesting enough to get a number one spot for some years? I think that if they had used the same techniquies but had a more intersting plot or storyline to go with it then it would have easily earned the number one spot many years over.

  2. Glad you enjoyed reading it! I wrote it in like an hour after seeing the movie lastnight which is why I did't really get to elaborate on why people loved it or hated it.

  3. Excellent post, Tiara! I think you hit the nail on the head there about why the film's endured so well.

  4. Excellent summary. However in my opinion, brevity is the soul of wit. Good job anyway! Three cheers!

    There are good elaborations on the special techniques that were used in the film. I found the explanation of the foreground and background focus interesting. You definitely have made more people fall in love with the movie than before this post was published.