Monday, September 20, 2010

pimpin' in the Black & White

As the movie Casablanca came to an end, there was the Genres of the letters that had valuable information about the Nazis. This information was used to transport others into their own living styles and freedom over in America. With the help of having the use of the letters it was easier for the people in Casablanca to be transported from one place to another. So being that the letters were valuable and meant a lot to most people they tried to keep everything on a low down basis within that time. Using the information on the letters people who had the chance to get a hold of them were very lucky because this gave them the opportunity to start a new life in a whole different place.
The values of the discourse communities were about the Nazis who wanted the letters back that were so valuable to them. During this time the Nazis were in a war and this caused the conflict between other people. So during this time of crisis, there were higher ranked people who wanted in about getting a hold of these letters and also helping out others who needed it as well. In this same time, the story of a woman who tries to help her husband and herself to get out of the country and move onto living a better life for the both of them. I would believe that the Nazis would want these letters back because they feel as though keeping others from having a normal life living, that this would give them a higher feeling of power to them as a country that is at war.
This movie showed a lot about how the lives were between others that includes fatal and emergency crisis and also just the plain old personal problems as well. This movie of Casablanca puts both of these discourse communities in one to show and help others understand the situations that others had during this time.

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