Monday, September 20, 2010

the secret of the letters of transit

In the movie "Casablanca" there are many very important factors that determine what happens to the certain peaople who hiolds these certain things. The most important thing in the movie that the movie revolves around is the letters of transit. The movie is set in the era of World War Two in a town called monocco. Every one there is trying to get their hands on these letters for many important reasons. The letters allow the holder to leave and enter the country without having any kind of problem with the Nazis, Even tho Casablanca is on French territory. The letters in the movie are blank and can be put to anyones name. That is a big reason why so many people want to get these letters, because they are blank and any person can put their names on them.
In the movie there are an assortment of groups after these letters. The nazis are after the letters for many reasons. a big reason is so no one else can leave the country without their concent. Rick wants them so it so he can control them so he can go to america and so his lover can go with him instead of his husband. Laslow wanted them so he can flee to america for the fact that everybody is looking for him because he fled from the concentration camp

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