Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Casablanca is a world of chaos and despair. The letters of transit were the only guarantee to freedom from the Nazi world.

The letter is mearly a piece of paper with writing on it and a signature. It saves the lives of those who have them though. The letters are wanted by many but gotten by few. They cost astronomical amounts of money but people are willing to do whatever they can to get that money.

There were many discourse communities that wanted the letters. The most prominent were Ilsa and Victor. Ilsa would do anything to make sure her husband Victor got out of Casablanca and to America where he would be free from his past. She even tried to convince Rick of her true love for him just to guarantee her Victors safety.

We also saw a young Bulgarian couple that was doing everything in their power to get them as well. Gambling away all their money they had lost hope for escaping. We saw a different side of Rick though as he cheated them to the top of the table just so they could get out of Casablanca before they did anything they would regret.

Another Discourse community that was doing everything to get their hands on these letters were the people selling them. Ugarte was the man who did whatever he could just to get two. Attacking a Nazi officer and stealing them was not above him either. He did just that to obtain the letters that eventually made their way to Ilsa and Victor. They only did so after Ugrate was charged with the murder of the officer whom he stole the letters from though.

The communities would do anything to get the letters.

Murder. Adultery. Gambling.

Nothing was too far to escape Casablanca the only way that people knew how. They need those letters to reach freedom.


  1. if the letters granted freedom then what was casablanca? it was not under nazi control and it had night clubs and fast women(Ilsa.)What do you think that director was trying to hint at, either about america or Casablanca.

  2. Casablanca is like purgatory. They are stuck there not truely free. They do need the letters to actually be free, even though it's not under Nazi control Nazi officers were still coming in and having some sort of control, and the French officer was being ruled by the Nazi officers pretty much, he just wanted to please them. And you think Ilsa was a whore, but that isn't the fact. Or I don't think that is what the director was meaning to portray. She is the woman willing to do anything and everything for her husband, if that meant staying with a man she didn't really love(Rick) to give Victor freedom then she would do it. I know you think otherwise, but there are a lot of ways to take each character.