Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Trip Into Xanadu

Citizen Kane in my eyes was a pretty good movie. It was filled with intense drama, which evolved around the life of Charles Foster Kane and his last word "Rosebud." He was a great man, but as the times past and he gained more and more power, he began to lose his soul and he soon lost the true meaning of what he wanted to accomplish in life. With power, sometimes comes great happiness, but most of the time, always brings despair and heartbreak to one's life. And this is what happened to Charles Foster Kane, he obtained so much power, he forgot who he was. Throughout the movie, we are taken through Kane's life. He was a great man and when he died he last said, "rosebud" and this begins the quest to find the meaning of Kane's last words. Taken through each aspect of his life, reporters do what they can to find out what "rosebud" means. But in the end, we are left asking questions because no one found out what "rosebud" meant and why Kane said it.

To most people, Citizen Kane is a great movie and to some, it might be an average movie. In my opinion, if this movie was watched by discourse communities, I believe most people would be left satisfied. By watching a movie full of so much drama, backed up by so much intense twists to the plot, no one will know what to expect next. This would lure almost anybody who watches a great movie because anytime a person is so much into a movie, you could say they start to think that they are a part of the movie or actually in the movie. Anytime this happens, needless to say is a great movie, that can never be surpassed.


  1. I'm not sure what your second paragraph is trying to say :-/

  2. Great summary! I could recall the whole movie just by reading the first paragraph.

    And you did a good job in paragraph two. If I had not seen this movie, I would definitely have liked it as much as you did! =D