Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Wait! He has my Bicycle!"

Throughout the movie of Bicycle Theif, there is a man who finally lands a job. Only this job requires for him to have a bike. When Ricci knows that he does not have a bike, he runs around trying to get one. He goes home and lets his wife know the situation. She then sells her fine linens and has the money to take out a bike for her husband. The first day of work Ricci and his son go off with their brand new bike, drops his son off and Ricci heads to work. As the day progresses Ricci has his bike stolen from a stranger. Ricci tries to get his bike back but fails to do so, and the next day he does the same, but all else fails him again.
Ricci and his son Bruno are determined to find the bike that they had purchased, but they always run into bad luck down the road. Ricci finally seems to notice the stranger that took his bike from him in the beginning and tries to convince him to give it back, but there was no luck there either. As Ricci and his son walk on back home, Ricci decides he is going to steal a bike of his own. This turns out to be a wrong decision because there are many people around that stop him from doing so. At the end of the day Ricci and Bruno head on back home with no bike to claim their own.

My thoughts about this movie were positive, because this movie kept me interested about Ricci and Bruno trying to find the bike. There is also the other thought in my head saying: "its a dumb movie, why would you waist your time showing a movie about a man trying to find a bike". But I understand the situation that went through Riccis' head on finding his nike, because this was the only object that could keep his job at the time and he needed to support his family. Being that determined to find your values is a good way to show determination to his son Bruno. There were also some funny parts between Ricci and his son as well. I believe that this is a neat movie to show others when expressing determination and self respect.

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  1. Great summary. You wrote about the major and important aspects of the film, it was very vivid. Your personal thoughts of the film was extremely interesting and amusing. I too agree that it is a good motivational movie. Nice job.