Monday, September 27, 2010

What is Rosebud?

what is the meaning of Rosebud. A person would have different a Ideas what is rosebud. Where did it come from.
In ones mans eye it was something that meant childhood that he left behind and eryn for it back.
This is about a man who loved and hate. When he was a child his parents sent him to Chicago
to do his studies . Through the years his was was kicked out of colleges. Eventually he left life college life and ended up maneging a news paper press. He didn't really want much. Except be a writer.

He was married twice. His first wife was a precedents niece, She gave a son and the fue years later they got divorce and then she and her son died in a cycle accident. The man remarried again to an opera singer. He built her an opera house and she was still not satisfied. Years past thinks weren't working out so the wife lift her husband . When the man died the reporters wanted reflect on his accomplishment on his life one thing the keep popping out was a say. "Rosebud died or a live"!

Know one knew what that was.........


  1. This is a good summary, juls, but you didn't explain why the AFI Discourse Community rates the best film of all time.

    And where's your title?

    Lastly, proofread more closely ;-)

  2. This is a good summary and you got alot of good points within your blog.
    As for me, I woould not understand why THIS is a number one movie, because I have seen better.