Monday, September 27, 2010

Wondering of "RoseBud"

The movie Citizen Cane was an interesting movie, because this showed the life of a boy who turned into a man. Showing how other people can be civilized and grow up within a wealthy family. Knowing how to make the right decisions on major events that could go on and take place throughout your life, as the movie played there was a sign of success. Seeing these signs of success and power in one gives us the meaning of being wealthy. Upon all his actions he also finds romance, this allows him to be happy for a moment, but as time passes he begins to see the truth about what kind of a man he really is. This was a man who wanted more in his life, for him to be entertained throughout his life and to have things go his way. Many people looked up to him, not only to read the newspaper but to always lead the way in success.
For me, as a student this would not be my number one movie pick, because there was not much that caught my attention throughout the movie. I really would not know why this would be picked as a number one movie, but my opinion would be because it was made a long time ago and the fact that it is black & white. Citizen Cane is most likely to be shown by most instructors probably because this shows signs of personal reflections that could be related to most people.

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