Sunday, October 10, 2010

3 and a half hours too long? I think NOT!!!

Walking into a movie that you haven't heard of but you know its in a language you don't understand, and in black in white what do you think? I thought I gonna be bored out f my mind! the first hour went by so fast that the time wasn't a problem to me anymore.
The article we were to read did help explain why the time of "Seven Samurai". The story was told about the villagers, you get a sense of helplessness and you feel sad for the villagers. Then you meet the samurai. A perfect amount of badass and comedic personalities team up to help the villagers defeat the feared bandits. The time of the movie was perfect cause you meet all these people then you learn the strategy that is planned to be used against the bandits as the characters learn as well. By the time of the final battle you find yourself on edge feeling the emotion of each lose, each injury. In the end you walk out of that movie satisfied with those three hours spent watching this movie, I was at least. So I leave this wonderful blog saying that i am concidering buying this japanese classic. Adios

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  1. You didn't really summarize the reading here, Vince. You just explained why you liked it.

    Also, you really need to proofread; you have a lower-case "I" in there :-/