Sunday, October 3, 2010

And I thought I had the worst luck

The bicycle Thief is a movie about a man who has just gotten a job in post war Rome, Italy. There is a problem with the job because he needs a bike, The man owns one but it is in need of repair. He goes home after receiving his job and tells his wife about how he needs his bike fixed and the wife figures out a way to pay for the repairs on the bike, sell all the bed sheets.
The first day on the job the man is posting up posters and as he is doing so a young man sees an opportunity and takes it, the teen steals his needed bicycle. After chasing the boy into the crowd that engulfed the boy. A man lost the thing needed most for his job that he needs to support his family, broken hearted he walks home with his son and sets off to find the bike.
After asking for some help to look for his bike or parts of it in the market. After an unsuccessful search for the bike he catches a glimpse of the boy talking to an old man, him and his son follow. after asking the man receptively about the boy he was talking to the man finally got a street. After a meal and some wine with his son they spot the boy and follow him to his street. This is where the man finds the boy and confronts him asking and pushing him demanding the bike back, the neighborhood gets involved. After being run out of the street the man walks by a stadium where a soccer game is occurring and as the game lets out people grab their bikes and leave home the man sees a bike and attempts to steal it, but is caught quickly. As he is slapped silly some the man who's bike it belonged to decided to let him off the hook. the man walks home that day without a bike needed for his job with his son.
Honestly I enjoyed this movie. The fact that you half expect for him to get his bike and justice would be served he loses everything. Bad sounding? I think not. as depressing a it sounds it has a sense of realism it feels like something that would actually happen in real life. I am going with a sentence that came to my mind after watching this movie. Everything in this world doesn't end with a happy ending.

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  1. There were a couple grammatical errors and typos, but overall great summary. I also thought that he was going to get his bike back, but karma came back and got him. He should have paid the fortune teller.