Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who Stole My Bike?

Antonio Ricci, an unemployed guy who finally gets a job that he needed. His job is to hang posters around town and this requires a bike. He and his family live in poverty and are doing all they can to get by. Until Antonio finally gets the job, there's only one problem, he needs a bike. He tells his wife about the problem and she gets the sheets that they have and turns it in to get the bike he needs for his job. All is well and everybody is happy until his first day on the job turns into a wreck. While he was doing his job, he gets his bike stolen. He chases the thief, but does not catch him. Then, he goes to the police, but they are no help at all, so he goes on his own voyage to find his stolen bike. He, his son and his friends go to the bike market to search for his stolen bike, but they come up empty-handed.
Soon after, Antonio and his son, Bruno, continue the search on their own and soon find themselves searching everywhere. They find the thief, but don't catch him because he once again gets away with the bike. They get a lead on who the boy is, but when they confront him, there is no bike. As Antonio becomes desperate to find his bike, he makes a decision that he was unsure of. He decides to steal another bike, but in this process, he gets caught by the owner and is almost taken to jail. By looking at him, the owner of the bike felt sorry and let him go. Left heartbroken because he didn't find his bike, he and his son walk away sad and miserable.

I thought it was a pretty decent movie. The plot was very predictable and I think the ending could've been a whole lot better. But the characters were great, his son Bruno was like a little man and he knew how to act the part of a tough little boy. Throughout the movie, Bruno and his father created a stronger bond with each other, even thought they didn't find the bike. Although the movie was subtitled, the Italian made it a better movie. If it was in English, I don't think it would've been any better.

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  1. the characters were not "great." Besides bruno they all sucked and the ending was horrible and sad, that movie just makes one angry. your insane jamal, insane.