Monday, October 4, 2010

Ay That fool took My Bicycle

In 1949 money was hard to to come by. So u treasured everything.

Mr. Ricci goes and finds a job,as a poster person . he buys a bike because

that is one of the ways to ride around and post posters. His bike gets stolen. He

gets very worred because he wont be able to to get payed. His son and him end

up for days looking for the bike. They went to a pown street and still could not

find the bike. They did this for days , and then Ricci finds a bike but it isnt his.

He try to stell a that bike and the person who owns that bike a catchs him and

get the hole naibrehood to go after him. Mr. Ricci feels ashamed in front of his on

because his really not that person

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