Monday, October 4, 2010

Brianda Calvo

“In search for a bicycle”

It was a family of two the father and a young son. The father worked posting posters around the city and would use his bicycle to work his way around the city. He also dropped his son off every morning at his work putting gas. The bicycle he had was everything to him, it wouldn’t only take him to places and would help him a lot with his job but it was very special to him emotionally. One morning he was doing his same retain, he dropped his son off at work and went to work himself. When he was busy putting a poster up on the wall a young man approached him slowly and quickly took off with his bicycle. The father right away went after him screaming “thief thief” and was helped by no one. He was very upset because they had stolen his bike and couldn’t stop thinking about it on his way for his son. As soon as he got there for him, his son Bruno asked right away “where is the bicycle?” his father just kepped on walking and didn’t want to talk about it. They went to one of the father’s friends and asked for help to see if he could help him recover his bicycle. He wasn’t able to help him at the time but he told home that he would help him out the next day. The next day came and Bruno and his father went to his friend to go try and find the bicycle. They went to a place where they had all kinds of bicycles and anything you needed for a bike. As they looked and looked he couldn’t find his bicycle. They walked and walked, looked around some more and even asked around but there was still no sign of his bicycle. Then as the father was looking around he recognized the person who stole his bicycle and ran after him again screaming “thief thief!” he wasn’t able to catch up to him and lost him once again. The father was really upset because he still couldn’t get his bicycle back. As him and Bruno were walking he recognized the thief again but this time without the bike. He tried to approach him slowly but then the thief took off running. Bruno and his father ran after him and finally caught up to him. The thief denied that he took the bike and the people that lived in that neighborhood were on the thief’s side and were all screaming at Bruno's father to leave him alone and that he was a bad man. Once Bruno saw his father in trouble and that no one was helping him out, he went to call police men himself. When the police men arrived they went up to the thief’s house and searched around but found nothing. The police men weren’t able to help him out because there was no bicycle and the whole neighborhood was against him. Bruno’s father was very upset that the thief wasn’t caught and he still couldn’t find his bicycle. Then Bruno decided to take a quick brake and sat down because he was tired and his father was still mad. He couldn’t stop thinking about his bike. He saw his son that was so tired and he didn’t have much money to spend and get on a bus to go home. He saw his son that couldn’t take it no more he couldn’t give one more step. As he looked around and at his don he took a bad decision and stole a bicycle that was left behind by someone. As soon as he took the bicycle someone ran off after him screaming “thief thief!” and a lot of men started chancing him until he was stopped by all the men trying to catch him. The men were insulting him calling him names and Bruno was trying to get to his father crying and shocked that his father had stolen a bicycle. The man that owned the bicycle let Bruno’s father go but he was left with shame because he was caught and his son saw what he had done.

This is a type of movie I wouldn’t chose to see. I’m the type of person who likes to watch old movies but this one wasn’t the one. The ending wasn’t what I expected but I guess that is what makes a good movie, when the ending is not what you expect.

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  1. I agree with you!
    The movie was rather depressing, and although I liked it, I can see where you are coming from.