Sunday, October 3, 2010

Do you wanna go get a pizza?

This was a sweet and heartbreaking movie. A poor man and his loving family are living in the ragged aftermath of World War II in a Roman town. The father, Antonio is offered a good paying job, requiring a bicycle, which he does not have, nor can he afford. Without a bike, Antonio won’t be able to feed his family. His wife sells the sheets off their own bed to pay for a bike. Happy and on the job, someone runs off with his new bike on the first day. The devastated father and his witty little son go all over town and try their hardest to find the stolen bike. After so many sparks of hope then failure in finding his bike and the thief, Antonio and his boy are exhausted. Antonio ends up stealing a bike, gets caught, and then let free. The movie ends with a hopeless father and son walking off into the crowd of people on the street, not knowing what they’ll do or how they’ll get by.

Overall, I really did like the movie. It was a good but sad story that had its random funny parts. At first it seemed a little ridiculous, but in the end I can appreciate the movie. I like hearing Italians talk; it makes me think of Italian food and that in turn makes me hungry. I love when Antonio and Bruno go to get pizza and Antonio’s just like screw it lets get drunk, definitely my favorite part that I can relate to. That really made me hungry. It was their last little hurrah of splurging on awesome food at a fancy restaurant after a so much rejection. All the little things about the movie made it great. Now I want some pizza!

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  1. I can definitely relate to The Bicycle Theif making you want some pizza. I really want some too! I also like hearing the Italian language as well, its so nice. Good job on the summary, short and basically what happened.