Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't Hate the Player's!

Dennis Scimeca, who is a community writer for a website called Bitmob writes about the negative stereotypes that film critics have about gamers. He gives examples of multiple comments that film reviewers have stated about their views on the people who they think liked the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The reviews tell us what the critics have to say about gamers in particular. He explains his reasons for argue against the critics judgments about gamers throughout the article saying he views videogames as works of art drastically developing and innovating over the years and other forms of entertainment like movies and music have been the same over time. He wrote this for gamers to read and have some sort of emotional response to like being offended, only in a fighting back type of way. Dennis hopes gamers will write to the critics in a polite manner in order to change their negative opinions about them because he’s already changed one of their minds.

I believe stereotyping in general is a serious issue that everyone has to deal with every day throughout the world. We’ve probably all done it or experienced it in our life in some way. It really becomes an issue when people publically discuss it, like through film reviews, which is just ridiculous in my opinion. Their job is to review the movies, not judge the people watching them and calling them dorks with no lives. I could just as easily say all film critics are dumb jerks or something of that nature, but are all of them really? We don’t know because we have never met them.

Dennis was being a little too harsh on movies and music though, saying they have been the same over time when clearly there has been amazing music that has evolved drastically over time from the 1920’s jazz and swing to the diverse music we have today like indie and electronica. Movies have evolved from silent black and white to all sorts of craziness that I don’t even know how or where to begin to describe because it has evolved so much in so many different ways for the better of mankind. It baffles my mind that anyone could even say such a remark.

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  1. Great post, Olivia!

    I also agree with you that Scimeca's crazy when he argues that film and music have stagnated as genres. But I disagree with him even more when states that video games alone continuously innovate. Clearly, he hasn't played Gears of Duty 12: Modern Combat ;-)