Monday, October 4, 2010

Everything is not okay

"The Bicycle Thief" is a very depressing movie, I think. It's like "A wonderful life" without the ending.

It is about a man named Antonio Ricci who starts off the movie and unemployed man in Italy. He soon gets a job that requires a bike. His family is too poor to afford a bike though and they have to sell their valuables in order to get one.

The first day on the job Mr. Ricci is putting up posters and his bike is stolen from him.

With the help of his son he tries the rest of the movie to retrieve his bike from the thief. He has several failed attempts and gets close after chasing the thief back to his home one day. The police show up and he fails to get his bike back once again.

He cannot work with a bike. So desperately he tries to steal one but is caught. He gets chased by a mob of people for the failed thievery. The only reason the crowd stops is because his son is so upset by what he has just seen.

Mr. Ricci and his son walk off without a bike and tears in their eyes.

I just don't understand why a move would apparently have no point. I guess it could be the lesson of just because something happens to you doesn't gave you the right to do the same back.

It really is just so depressing on the last shot though. The two of them are just walking off hand in hand crying. It's just so sad.

It might have to do with the fact that during the time the movie was actually made there was nothing good happening, so why should there be in a movie about the time.

So many movies were being made to get peoples minds off the hard times, so possibly this was just a "everything is not okay" movie.

Either way, I wouldn't watch it again any time soon. maybe after a while of absorbing I would just so I can catch all the parts that make the movie so good. It takes a few times to really have every part sink in and me understand and appreciate movies such as this.

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