Wednesday, October 20, 2010

F what they say

In the article assigned to us critics come down upon movies not of their interest, and they come down hard. Critics are paid to place judgment on movies using their expertise, using that word loosely, but their comments are rude, harsh, and hurtful to those who worked on the movie. But they are who our society turns too, to define the art of movies and for a lot of people, determine whether or not they will watch the movie. Not only did it go for the movie, but the same effect apparently also went for video games. Roger Ebert, who is a world famous critic, is often adhering to movies like “Scott Pilgrim…” but even he shot down the idea of any artistic form. This is a man whose opinion I might not listen to religiously, but have seen him gives two thumbs up on all movies and find some form of art and entertainment in most movie. But a critic is a person who places their bias opinion on a movie, and no one really likes a bias view on things.

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  1. To start with, I don't really know what you're responding to here, Manny.

    Plus, your summary is a little biased.