Monday, October 18, 2010

Feeder 3.2- Film Criticism

Exercise 2.1
This article makes points on the movie 'Scott Piligrim' Versus The Unfortunate Tendacy To Review The Audience, By Linda Holmes. She as a writter sets her points of view for this movie that she enjoyed and how others do not. She explains how critics are some what harsh about the entire movie and they only point out that this was a movie set for 12 year old-boys who do not have lives and simply play games all day. That most people are to hostile about this entire situation for the movie, Linda also mentions that this is a movie and someones idea to entertain their audience. That not everyone is the same and yes, people will always have their own opinions about the movies they watch, but in this case Lindas' point is that some people are to harsh with their words that they use against this movie. For me personally, this was an interesting movie to watch, they used side lines that gave color and emotion to the scene that it was showing. When watching this film I did not think that this was "only" set for gamers, because I play games, but I am not that Hero with it all. So watching this film was interesting and there were also funny parts that made me, as you can say "lol".

Exercise 2.3
The movie 'Scott Pilgrim' Versus The Unfortunate Tendency To Review The Audience By Linda Holmes, my belief for this movie is that I do not think it is an "insular, punishingly alienating experience" for a movie. Reason for this is because I thought that this was an interesting movie for me to watch, because it was different from most. That yes, the story line may have been childish' but this was a movie and was a choice for the audience to watch it or not. I believe that every movie will have its dislikes and likes it all depends on the audience who watches them. There have been plenty of movies made and in my point of view many have a similar story line to it, just small differences here and there. Not all movies will be based on bad criticism and not all movies will be liked by all. Movies are there to entertain people not to please each person everytime a new film comes out.

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  1. This isn't bad, but why is there personal opinion in your summary?

    You should also proofread a bit ;-)