Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feeder 3.3- Complaining EveryWhere!!!

Exercise 2.1
For the article on 'Scott Pilgrim Reviews Reveal what film Critics really think of gamers.' This was an article about how video games are set straight for the younger generation. That this would be part of what we call "people with no life". These types of words offend others, yet in this article they say to us, that it is suppose to be offending us in a way. That we should be able to think of video games as being a waste of time for people who play it and that they would not know any more intelligence bescause they only play games, rather than living the reality of life itself.
Exercise 2.3
This article did offend me because I do play video games myself, and for others to think that is all we know is dumb. I believe that when you do play games, there is a needed requirement for a common knowledge to actually understand it all. I also believe that the game industry is a way of art to most of us. Reason for this is because they have different types of games that require and understanding of it all first. That to be able to pass a certain level in the game your going to need skill in that area to be able to pass that level. Most cannot deal with the patience with trying to pass a game, because it may be to difficult for them. I think that games are set there for our entertainment and that it is our choice to pick up the controller or not. So no need to judge people who can pass a obsicle level compared to you, if you cannnot.

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  1. I'm a little confused, Rocky. This article defends video gaming; it doesn't put them down. Maybe if your summary was a little more detailed I'd see where you're coming from.

    On the flip side, why haven't you spoken up about gaming in class?!