Monday, October 18, 2010

Feeder 3.3: Get him to the Greek

Dennis Scimeca argues for the gamers and the games themselves in his article. In bringing up some negative comments on the movie: "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World", Dennis clearly shows his disapproval towards the critics' biased points of views towards gamers and the game industry in general. His main arguments revolves around how games should be considered an art and they require no less aesthetic and artistic skills to develop than do movies and paintings. To him, the critics are wrong in an obvious way, and they should put themselves in gamers' shoes or at least play the game to understand the embedded artistic values that can only be fathomed by gamers.

I agree with Dennis's opinions towards games and the gamers. An art cannot be easily defined by an opinion or two. The art is perceived by its audience when the audience realizes something in the subject that worth appreciated in a specific artistic sense. Games, therefore, are not to be excluded from this category. Developing a game requires careful plot just like that of a movie, where every tiny twist can evoke the audience's mind. It requires beautiful graphic design, just like that in painting. The blending of colors and the contrast in games can be compared with the artwork of a true painter. Moreover, if graphic design is considered an art, it makes sense that a game, which relies heavily on graphic design, bear within it some quintessential characteristics of the art too. Games blow people's mind with emotions so strong that sometimes they affect the gamers adversely. Yet, this kind of effect can be considered equivalent to that of a movie, since it is not uncommon that the latter can haunt the viewers for a period of time. In conclusion, since a game possesses in itself the crucial traits and features of an art, it may be considered one.


  1. Wow, that was killer. You made me understand videogames more since Dennis failed to do so. He kind of made me not want to try to learn more about videogames. I just didn't take his article too seriously because he didn't go into detail on what goes into videogames and what makes him love them. But you covered that part for him haha

  2. I agree, Olivia. Of course, it's important to keep in mind that Scimeca's audience is assumed to already know what Duong explained.

    Your summary misses some key points and plays up some lesser ones, Duong. But other than that, nice work.

  3. PS Italics is only for titles, Duong. And what's with your title?

  4. Err.. I couldn't change it back to normal fonts =( The tittle is a bit random =D