Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fools Gold

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a movie about three gringos living in Tampico, Mexico looking for some money just to live. Jobs are hard to come by for Dobbs and Curtin who just want enough money for a comfortable life. After beating up their previous employer for their hard earned cash, they buy a couple of beds at "El Oso Negro" for a good nights sleep. They meet Howard, an old man who tells stories of gold and treasures.

That's just what Dobbs and Curtin need. An easy job with extremely rewarding pay. Howard had told stories of men who would set out for gold and then become increasingly greedy, wanting to acquire as much a they possibly could. Dobbs said that he would only need $5,000 for his desires to be fulfilled and that he's easily walk away after that goal was met.

Dobbs and Curtin decided that they would set out and prospect for gold. They realized that they would need a man who knew what they were doing and invited Howard along. The three men set out for the search of gold deep into Mexico. They were able to find a mountain that was rich in gold, they built a mine, and soon started panning.

The land yielded more and more gold, and Dobbs desire increased along with his wealth. Once their goals were reached, Dobbs expressed that he wanting to keep going. It's not like their time was limited. "Why stop?"

$45,000 and the death of an innocent man later, the three men decided that the land had no more riches to offer. They packed up, thanked the mountain that provided them with wealth, and left. Bandidos had already proven that a threat to the men, but they didn't realize how much of a threat they really were.

Howard had to leave Dobbs and Curtin with his riches to assist some villagers. Howard knew that he cold trust Curtin, but Curtin had completely underestimated how much greed had overtaken Dobbs. He had gone rabid with lust for the other men's gold. He wanted more than just his share and was willing to do anything for it. He shot Curtin and was more paranoid than guilty for what he had done.

In the end the Bandidos killed Dobbs. Ironically, they didn't want his gold, they even scattered because they thought it was just sand. Sand. All that work and blood shed just for it to be useless in the end. Curtin, who survives the gunshot, and Howard laugh. Laugh at the irony, and laugh at themselves.

I really liked this movie. It was unfortunate, but that's not all the story told. You can't really grieve for something that you didn't even have in the first place. They knew the gold wasn't theirs, it was the lands. Howard and Curtin were able to hold character and fight the greed that was able to overcome Dobbs. Even though I enjoyed the movie as a whole, it was rather boring. So I guess I liked what the movie had said and not the movie itself.

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