Sunday, October 24, 2010

From a slick suit to dirty rags he's still fly

The Movie "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" is about two dirt poor fellows in Mexico trying to make a living. They both work for this guy who rips them off and during those days they heard of the gold rush down south. They take off into the mountain to hopefully strike some luck. Once they keep finding alot of gold they slowly start specualating about each other and they get greedy. Another character shows up wanting to mine there where they are located and they choose to assasinate him the following morning. The next morning arrived and were ambushed by bandits. They flee and that night some villagers come to them wanting them to heal their child, the old guy heals the child and is forced to stay with them for a week. the other two move on to durango when on the way greed and hatred took over them. humph shot the other dude and left him for dead. once he got to durango he was jumped by the same bandits and killed. The bandits were then killed and the gold was never found.

Well this is no Casablanca that's for sure.I personally didn't like the movie very much.The characters were good and it was good acting. There were some parts of the movie that i did enjoy such as the scene where that old guy freaks out and start dancing. it just wasnt my prefered type of movie.

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