Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gamers vs. Film Critics

Feeder 3.3
“Scott Pilgrim Reviews Reveal What Film Critics Really Think of Gamers”

2.1: The article discussed what the film critics think of gamers. Four film critics published in newspapers that gamers were dorks, did not have a life, had ADD, and were 12 years of age. The author was offended by the rude remarks. The author claims that gaming is an art form like music or film, and critics have no right lowering gamers self worth. He believes that gamers should publicly speak their minds in order to engage critics so they can stop openly disapproving gamers. In the mean time, gamers should not care what people think or say about them and hopefully soon disapproving critics will pick up a controller and actually play a game.

2.3: The author of “Scott Pilgrim Reviews Reveal What Film Critics Really Think of Gamers” has a specific point of view about film critics playing a game that I agree with. Film critics rudely criticize an art that their profession does not cover, which is gaming. I think the critics should stay within their own category and what they know. I assume that some film critics have young children in their household who play games, and to call gamers mere 12 year olds is totally uncalled for. Believing that gamers do not have a life is outreaching, labeling an individual like this is discrimination. I myself am not a gamer, but I do believe that using hurtful words publicly towards a certain group of people is unnecessary. Some people do not realized or have no remorse about how bad they can make another feel, this is ridiculous. I think for once, a film critic should play a game, not just one, but several. When they do then they can decided whether they like it or not, but instead of publishing their opinions like they do on films they should keep their opinions to their selves.


  1. I totally agree with the point you sided with in Exercise 2.3. It is discrimination and should be viewed as such. Like, so many older people play video games and stuff. I'm not a video gamer either, but I totally agree with your justification here.