Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gold, I Must Have It!

A tale of three men on a verge of making the big bucks, only to be torn apart in the end. In the movie , The Treasure of Sierra Madre it all starts out in the town of Tampico, Mexico. Two guys named Dobbs and Curtin are trying to scrap around to get money however they can. While they are in a dump of a motel, they meet a guy named Howard who tells them about the riches you could have if you go look for gold, and all the dangers that come with it. This crosses both Dobbs and Curtin's mind as they go to sleep, all of a sudden Fred finds out that he won the lottery, so the three of these guys plan to go look for some gold. On their way to the destination, bandits try to rob the train they are on. Together they defend the train and notice one of the bandits, whom they will see later in the film. They hit the riches big time and just as things look good, the challenges start rolling in. A guy follows Curtin back to their camp and tries to be a part of their group to get gold. But the three of them decide to kill the guy, only to be stopped by the sight of bandits coming their way.
The bandits and them get in a dispute, which ends with the new guy getting killed and they soon find out that he was a loving father with a great family. As they are on their way back with the gold they have, Howard volunteers to help a little boy in a village and is soon crowned as the village's head of government. He sends Dobbs and Curtin with his gold, and tells them to look after it. But the greed begins to set in with Dobbs because he wants it all for himself. So he tries to kill Curtin and doesn't succeed, and soon he finds himself alone with gold and gets killed by some bandits. They take the gold but think its sand and spread it all over the ruins. As Howard and Curtin go on the pursuit, they only find out that the gold and has gone back to where it came from. They get a good laugh about it and head their separate ways.
This was a pretty decent movie. The plot was very predictable because whenever you talk about gold in a movie, someone is bound to go crazy with greed. No matter how honest and trustworthy a person is, talk about money or gold will always change a person. Altogether this was an alright movie.


  1. Yea, I do agree, this movie was alright and that people do go crazy to have things the way they want them to be. That the ending result will and most likely effect them in a personal matter.

  2. Your summary was an enjoyable read. It was so detailed, you added all the juicey and important descriptions into the summary. I agree with your point of view on the movie, the plot was very predictable. I also think that riches are able to easily corrupt a person's soul, but I liked the fact that Curtin and Howard were able to resist becoming fully over powered by greed. Great job!

  3. Hmm...Predictable? I suppose the plot is, but the ending? I was pretty surprised, actually :-)