Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gold + Man’s Soul = Greed

In “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, Fred Dobbs and Bob Curtin are two men in Tampico down on their luck begging for money on the streets and being cheated out of jobs. They encounter an old prospector named Howard. Dobbs and Curtin consider the idea of becoming prospectors themselves with the aid of Howard, but first they would need plenty of dough to supply themselves with picks, shovels, burros, food, and of course guns for protection. After Dobbs wins the lottery, they embark on an adventure determined and hopeful to find gold. Eventually, on a mountain, they find the perfect place to start digging for their fortunes. Everything appears great at first, but when they succeed in discovering gold, they begin to encounter difficulties such as Bandits threatening their lives and greed. Dobbs slowly becomes greedy desiring more gold, and he is paranoid that his partners Curtin and Howard are planning to steal his fortune. With greed overpowering Dobbs judgment, he shoots Curtin and leaves him for dead and makes off with the gold. Surprisingly, Curtin survives and informs Howard. Dobbs does not get too far when he is murdered by Bandits and robbed of everything. Curtin and Howard pursue Dobbs, in the end they do not find the gold that they considered precious and worked so hard for. The gold blows in the dusty wind back to the mountain it came from. Being the understanding and good hearted men Curtin and Howard are, together they laugh at this misfortune and go their separate ways, as if it were destiny.

“Treasure of the Sierra Madre” was amazing. I enjoyed every minute of the film. The story was exciting and very realistic. I loved how Howard foreshadowed the film when he said, “I know what gold does to men's souls”. I automatically expected that one of the men were going to be overpowered with greed, and as we all know, greed leads to a misfortune for an individual. Humphrey Bogart playing the role of Dobbs was interesting; he is not the classy man like he was in “Casablanca”. As for the characters of Curtin and Howard, I enjoyed their presence on screen because they were such good hearted men who keep their heads up even when they’re down. Overall, the movie was great; it further teaches that fortunes cannot buy happiness.


  1. HUmphrey Bogart's acting is really excellent! The contrast between the two roles in the movies we have watched is huge, yet he managed to portray perfectly both characters in his own way. Rock my socks!

  2. That's what I've been saying! Humphrey Bogart was the man :-)

    Great post, Tiara!