Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Great Example You're Setting for Your Kid"

The movie "The Bicycle Thief" in my opinion is an ok movie. It was definately better than the movie I had to watch last week. The movie tells a story of an unemployed man named Ricci who finally gets a job as a person who puts posters up. Not everyone can do this job, you have to first of all be chosen and second of all you have to have a bicycle. Ricci had a bike but it was broken so his family had to sell some things in order for them to buy a new bike for his new job. Everything is going beyond dandy for Ricci and his family, he finally got a job and everything is good. While on the job he has his back turned to the bicycle and some guy thinks on his feet and steals Ricci's bike. He chases him but his effors are futile, and the thief get away.

Throughout the film it shows all his attempts and failures at retreiving his bike and catching the thief. The day after his bike gets stolen he goes to all the places where they sell bike parts to see if someone is trying to sell his parts. At one of the places he sees the thief on the bike talking to an elderly man, so he chases him into a church and makes a huge comotion in the church. No matter how hard he tried to keep the old man from ditching him he does end up getting away. Ricci gets angry and strikes his son. He sees the original bike thief and tries to get him to confess but just about gets gang beat by everybody in that neighborhood. As he walks away from the neighborhood all bummed out he sees alot of bikes and a random bike in front of a building. he contemplates stealing it. He finally gets enough courage to steal it and to his luck he gets caught. He doesn't find his bike and gets humiliated in front of his kid. One of the individuals there says "Great Example You're Setting for Your Kid"

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  1. Just a few grammatical errors in your blog. But overall, great summary! You did summarize the movie, but where are your thoughts on it? You didn't really analize the content of the movie. Without opinion we don't really know what you thought and feel about it.
    I thought it was extremely humorous when he was causing a scene in the church.