Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Horror!

Why do we crave horror movies? Stephen king tells us why we do in his article “Why We Crave Horror Movies.” He begins saying that we are all mentally ill and that it’s just a matter of hiding it better than the people in the asylums. So why do we crave the horror? We are “daring the nightmare” says Stephen. We go to those movies to show we are not scared, and to have fun. We want horror movies so we can come to terms with our own sick fantasies and have a sort of psychic relief because it is rare in our lives to experience real madness. Our sanity varies between murderer and nose picking guy who doesn’t fit in, but there is a potential evil existing in all of us. The emotions we have demand certain things to keep them going and horror movies help us help our emotions. If we feed our emotions and inner cravings with horror movies we can keep them from bursting out and feeding that underlying desire for true horror.

I absolutely have that craving and desire for horror movies. Like Stephen said, I need to feed my emotions and horror movies definitely give me my fix for my sick and twisted mind. I really like and agree with him in that we are all insane and it’s just a matter of hiding better than others because I know I’m just a tad insane myself. People can release that insanity by watching and expressing that insanity through horror movies. I love horror movies because they show the most insane scenarios that I could never see in real life, and that’s what makes them awesome. They’re what I could never get enough of and I will always crave the horror!

In the movie Psycho, a woman in love skips town with a bundle of cash she has stolen from her boss to meet up with her boyfriend, or at least that’s what she intended to do. Stopping at the Bate’s Motel for a night, the woman, Marion can’t run from this “psycho”. Norman Bates runs this motel and lives with his ill mother who gets a little too jealous of the women Norman likes. So after jealousy strikes and Marion is killed, her loved ones do anything they can to find out what happened and where Marion is. Finally getting to the motel, her sister and her boyfriend discover what’s really going on with the Bates.

Well, I thought this was a pretty good horror flick. It settled some of my horror cravings for the day, but not all of them! The suspense was definitely there, I didn’t know what was coming out of the corners next. Mother was my favorite character and I loved when Norman runs into the cellar dressed up like Mother with a knife because it’s just so crazy and unexpected. He’s a pretty nice guy, but when Mothers comes out I wouldn’t want to be around because she’s the real psycho. The music for the killing scenes are awesome and for all the other scenes. That music will be stuck inn my head for days. Suspense, suspense, suspense!

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