Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hostile Critics

Feeder 3.2
“Scott Pilgrim’ Versus the Unfortunate Tendency to Review the Audience”

2.1: In the beginning of the article, it discussed film critic’s opinion of the movie. Basically all critics considered the movie to be a waste and it only appeals to video gamers and people under the age of 30. The author feels that the critics are being too cruel towards the movie and if she was doing a critic on a film, she would write the good qualities of the film without totally discriminating against it. There’s no reason to be angry at the people who like the movie just because you did not. The author then discusses her point of view, claiming that she is not a gamer and over the age of 30 and she very much enjoyed the movie.

2.3: In the article, “Scott Pilgrim’ Versus the Unfortunate Tendency to Review the Audience”, the author makes an excellent point that I fully support. The point is basically the fact that film critics tend to be angry with the audience who enjoyed a film that they did not. When in a theatre, the audience usually laughs at something funny, cries when something is sad, smiles at sweet moment, or even screams at something frightening. That is proof of entertainment. The purpose of movies is to entertain the viewing audience, when that happens it should be considered a success. But then, a professional film critic comes along and if they do not like the film, they publish an article stating in their opinion what was bad about the movie. Like the author, I think film critics should ease down on what rude remarks they say on films, because there is people out in the world who actually really like a certain movie others may feel are unimportant.


  1. I like the position you sided with in Exercise 2.3 I almost did that position as well. Your reasoning supporting that side is great. Also, good summary on the article.

  2. This is a good post, Tiara. Your summary seems a little cut and dry, though.