Sunday, October 10, 2010

What else is their to do for 3 1/2 hours on a Tuesday night?

"The Hours and Times" explains the reasoning behind the length of the film "Seven Samurai." The movie is three hours and twenty-seven minutes long and Toho Studios felt that western audiences wouldn't have the concentration to be able to watch the movie. With that thinking the movie had several cuts that amounted up to losing fifty minutes of the movie. Director Akira Kurosawa had his own personal reasons as to why he made the movie so long. He emphasizes the life of each samurai and their different reasonings to ban together and protect the village. The director wanted to vividly explain the characters and their purpose so a connection and bond could be made between character and audience. This way when each bruise, wound, and loss would be felt by the audience. The director also went through the agriculture year which helped us connect with the farmers and the value of everything they grow. How much each person needed it.
I thought it was a long movie but I see what the director is saying. When the final battle started I felt as if I were in the trenches with the farmers. When one of the samurai went to get a gun at night a sense of defeat came over me when he did not return right away. I felt victory as much as the farmers and defeat as much the survived samurai. Death in this movie was not like the death in other movies. I felt the lost of the samurai and felt as if their were never coming back. That is because the director picked great actors and made showed great character development.


  1. i very much agree with you manny. When the final battle scene came up I was full of energy and completely intrigued and had me hooked as if i was there. I think the actors were phenomenal also but they did piss me off though.

  2. "Death in this movie was not like the death in other movies."

    That line perfectly expresses why this movie is the perfect length. I've seen it several times, and I'm still shocked whenever one of the samurai dies.