Monday, October 18, 2010

I Am Iron Man

You might be wondering why I titled my blog "I Am Iron Man" the reason is because I needed a cool title. In the first article i read it spoke about the likings and, more than anything dislikes, about the movie scott pilgirim vs the world. In my opinion critics are a little too harsh when it comes to a film that is not their particular taste. they tend to annihilate the movie and make it seem like its total shit just because it is not their genre. He goes on to say that the film is not just for the nerdy geek who watches cartoons and plays video games all day. There is something in the movie that you can like, that is if you put the effort to look for something. sure the movie is a bit childish considering how it starts yet it has its own unique twist which makes it different than other summer block busters.

Feeder 3.3
I am more than deeply offended by the first line in this exert. I, like almost any college student, am a gamer. I like to spend some of my time playing videogames and every once in a while freak out and hit my tv. They said that the games bring out no emotion no kind of re action out of the player, there fore it does not qualify as art. In the critrics eyes of course. video games in my opinion qualify as art in almost every single aspect, they bring out sides of you when you are playing them that you didnt think would come out. the way things are made now a days and the way things look are visually stunnign


  1. Where's your summary, Luis? And what's with all the uncapitalized words?

    Also, try and post on time in the future ;-)

  2. Arent you in doing to this guy's article, what he did to the movie. Your bashing it just because you dont like it and trying to defend your point. When does the madness end people...when?