Sunday, October 3, 2010

"I Fell Down!"

Antonio Ricci had indeed fallen down.

Post-World War II with the people of Italy in absolute shambles. Almost everyone was in need of a job, but Antonio Ricci was the one to get it. Unfortunately, the job required a bicycle, which Ricci had just pawned in order to feed his wife and two children. His wife reluctantly pawns the sheets right off of her own bed in order for her husband to buy a bicycle.

The first day on the job proved more difficult than Ricci had anticipated. As he was struggling with the glue and poster a group of guys organized and stole his bicycle. As one made off with his bike, the other threw Ricci off the trail of the perpatrator. Horrified and distraught Ricci goes to the police and reports his bicycle stolen. The police were of no help at all and told Ricci that it was his responsibility to find his own bike. The next day he and his son, Bruno, and a few friends set off to find the bike. That proved difficult due to the tremendous amount of bicycles that were in the market.

Eventually Bruno and his dad were able to catch up with the thief. The thief proclaimed his innocence and his neighborhood attested Ricci's allegation. Bruno ran and got an officer just in time. The gathering crowd started to become increasingly aggressive. To Ricci's dismay, when the officer arrived he was unable to provide any justice for Ricci.

Ricci and Bruno then made their way to a soccer game, futball, that was being held in an enormous stadium. There were a tremendous amount of bicycles clustered in a designated parking area. Singled out in an nearby alley, was a bicycle in the entrance of an apartment. Ricci then began contemplating on whether or not to steal the bicycle. Pacing back and forth for over a minute, he finally decided to execute his need for a bicycle. He sent his son to get on the Metro and meet him nearby. Ricci swiftly moves towards and straddles the bike. As he makes off with it, the owner of the bicycle begins chasing him. As he makes his way through the crowd of the emptying stadium, others began to chase him along with the owner. They finally catch up to him and pull him off the bike, exclaiming their frustrations of his thievery. His son missed the Metro, and witnessed the crowd around his father verbally and physically punishing him. The owner of the bicycle observes how distraught Ricci and his son were, and tells the crowd "Just leave him be, he has enough problems as it is."

Ricci and Bruno began to walk home hand in hand with tears streaming down their faces, without their dignity, integrity, pride, and without a bicycle.

Overall, I think this was an amazing movie because unlike Citizen Kane and Apocalypse Now, it had my attention. I was easily able to empathize with Ricci's situation. I enjoyed the irony through the whole movie. Ironically, he lost his job that the fortune-teller told his wife he would get. Maybe if Ricci would have allowed his wife to pay the fortune-teller the money she owed her, karma wouldn't have made its way back to him. Even more ironic, was how so many people had helped the owner of the bicycle Ricci stole from, and how nobody had helped Ricci when it was his bicycle that was stolen. I just absolutely loved Bruno. He was an amazingly brave little boy, who would follow his father to the end of the world. He loved and idolized his father and valued the relationship that they had.

Another amazing aspect of the movie was it being in Italian. I thoroughly enjoyed the Italian, it is most definitely a romance language. I had no problem having to read the subtitles through the entire movie, I even do that when it's in English. I felt like I could familiarize myself with the Italian because it is so closely related to Spanish, which I kind of have an understanding of. Before this movie I hadn't realized how similar the two languages are.

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