Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Just Right!

In the article, "The Hours and Times", many critics became skeptic about the movie Seven Samurai and because of its length, how it will fare to the Westerners. Ultimately, this lead to the shaving of fifty minutes off the movie because Toho Studios felt the American distributors wouldn't have the proper stamina to watch this three hour and twenty-seven minute film. Although the length of the film was sketchy to most people, the director Akira Kurosawa had his reasons for making the movie so long. He goes through part of the lives of each samurai warriors and their reasons for being a part of the group. By doing this the viewer learns more and creates a bond with each of them, just like a friendship. This creates emotion when the battle finally starts because we know so much about each samurai and we've gotten so close to each of them, we don't want any of them to die. He also goes through the agricultural year, which also flows with the length of the film because of the step-by-step process the farmers take with their crops.

Even though the movie was really, really long, I think that if it was cut short, it wouldn't have given the same experience to the audience. I had no problem with the film's length because I learned more about each of the samurai and became closer with each of them. It does take time to get to the point in the movie, but the length of the movie only makes the movie even better. Because it builds up tension in us like, we want to know what is going to happen next or I didn't expect that to happen.


  1. Jamal that is all valid points about the samurai, but they could of cut scenes with the annoying girl.

  2. The way you summarized the article was short, sweet, and simple. You explained the important aspects of the article and clearly explained why the film was as long as if was. I personally agree with you about gaining an emotional connection with the characters. I too had no problem with the film's length.

  3. Excellent post, Jamaal. I agree with Tiara that your summary is very good!

    And while agree, Manny, that the girl was annoying, removing her would have killed one of the most important subplots about the place of farmers and samurai in the Japanese caste system--and that was a huge part of the film.