Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Killed Two"

The” Hours and Times” article justifies very well why Seven Samurai is so long. It explains in details that the length of the movie has benefits of showing and emphasizing the passage of time. While watching the movie you meet each character and get to know them, see the characters grow and relationships developing over the course of the movie. The length of the film pulls you in and lets you experience the story in depth.

I agree with the justification of this article. I think the movie did need to be this long to show the whole story the way it needed to be shown. It was important to show the passage of time throughout the movie because it represents how hard they prepared for battle, choosing the samurais and developing relationships with each other. Because the movie was that long I got to know the characters and got pulled into the story, I wanted to see them win the battle. If it wasn’t that long it wouldn’t be the same. We definitely do need the stamina to sit through this whole movie so that we can fully appreciate and enjoy it. I have to say that if I was a little anxious for it to be over with but in the end I thought it was an excellent movie. It had humor, action, romance, hardships and it made me hungry for rice even though I don’t like rice.


  1. Good job Olivia. I agree with getting pulled into the story and seeing if they were going to win the battle. You say that if it wasn't that long, it wouldn't be the same, how so?

  2. I definitely agree that it was not that long. Compared to Apocalypse Now, this movie is way worth the 3 and a half hours. I like your last line about the stuff in the movie; it was a good one.

  3. Like I always say, "A good movie makes you hungry" :-)

    Other than your summary being a tad too short (and thereby spilling over into your position statement), this is a good post. And the quote from your title is one of my favorite parts :-)