Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Feeder 3.3:

The article "Scott pilgrim Reviews Reveal What Film Critics Really Think of Gamers" by Dennis Scimeca brings light on how film critics are complete disconcerned on how society today really works. Critics bashed the movie for it appealing to gamers, who don't have lives and have ADD. Whether the film was intended for a specific target audience or not, there is one thing that critics need to take into account. There are gamers. The number of gamers has been increasing exponentially. And the gaming industry continues to flourish as the movie industry stays at a stand-still. Games are just as much a form of art as the amount of entertainment that they provide. If they were given they appreciation that they deserve and would be viewed as "art" then non-gamers would be more accepting towards games.

I do not have the pleasure of being labeled as a gamer. From the occasional Guitar Hero and watching my buddies play Call of Duty, I have developed an understanding of the games. I appreciate the entertainment that they provide and the amount of work that was put into them. Over this past summer Allen Wake was released. My best friend was completely psyched to get home and play it. I had thought that it was ridiculous to be that excited for a video game. He popped the game into the Xbox, and rather instantly I was infatuated with the game. I thought it was amazing, from the plot to the graphics. Until then, I hadn't appreciated a game for anything else besides entertainment. I acknowledged that there must have been a lot of time and effort into making that game. Making it a form of art.

I moved from the dark side and realize now that gamers and game developers do not get the appreciation that they deserve. Critics bashing on gamers is ignorance. Ignorant because they seem to ridicule something that they clearly do not understand. If they were to step off their pedestals and see the forest for the trees, they might not be so quick to judge. Honestly, I do not think I person can critique what they do not understand. It would be like taking medical advice from the dude who works the Cash register at BK.

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