Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nerdy & Irritating Character + Person

Robin Jones
English 111
Homework: You're a Dork Tab.

This article by Peter Keough said that Michael Cera in the movie 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' has him being an irritating character throughout the movie. There has also been other film critics that tell their part on how they think that Michael also is annoying to them as well. This article also tells about some main scences throughout the movie and how that was annoying to Peter Keough and then some. Peter also explains how even the smallest effect on this movie made him not enjoy it, such as the theme music that was played. Peter mentions that Ceras' character was also very pale and boring for this movie.
For others to watch this movies and notice that Michael Ceras perspective to treat women such as "unfathomable", this caught Peters' attention as well. So throughout this entire film, Peter found that Michaels performance was nerdy and simply poor.
When I finished reading this article it gave me the feeling of being very sarcastic to the actor Michael Cera in his performance of 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World'. My opinions on Cera being irritating would be that he is a very mellow type of guy, leaning more towards chill and laid back. Seeing his other movies, I noticed these characteristics about him. For the music part, I did not notice any change in the types of music when I watched this movie in theaters, so I would'nt understand that part. As for the "unfathomable" part towards the women in this film, yes I did notice that, but it was his role of character to play in this particular movie. The last main comment about Michael Cera is the way his nerdiness is, I think that in his role for this movie, Ceras' nerdiness fits his personal profile in reality.
This article was interesting to read, becuase I disagreed with most of Peter Keoughs' comments about Michaels Ceras' performance, and personally I enjoyed watching this film in theaters. Michaels' character is good with me in his films, but then again, you're not me, I have my own opinions just as you do.

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