Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not as killer as I thought it would be

The Hours and Times, starts off by explaining where the length issues come into play with not only movies but stage preformances as well. Seven Samurai was the longest film since "Gone with the Wind." And even before they showed it to Americans they cut it down by almost and hour. It says that "long film done right have the potential to envelope you completely." "Seven Samurai" was six weeks of just writing and another year of shooting. But Akira Kurosawa enveloped the audience completely. It unraveled smoothly and naturally. It allowed the audience to learn each of the seven samurai warriors entirely. It had quite a few ways of "passing the time," one was the length of the leader Samurai's hair; which was cut at the beginning of the film. Another was the underlying beat of drums in some scenes that was almost like a ticking clock. Also the agricultural year that progressed as the film went on. These were all signs of length. The villagers grew to know the Samurai before they had to fight. Then when the time came to fight it had the audiences' "hearts in [their] throats." Akira Kurosawa uses every bit of the length to usure that the message gets "thorugh loud and clear."

I liked the movie for the most part. It did bug me that because it was in Japaneesse that the voices didn't match up at all. That is just part of watching a Japaneese movie though. The length started to get to me at the beginning because it took so long for everything to unfold. Then when it all started playing out and they started to choose to seven samurai I started to forget about the length and just started getting sucked in. It does a good job of using every bit of time to its advantage and never has a moment after it gets really interesting where I was sitting there going "If they cut that out it would still make perfect sense." I felt like if they tried to cut it down to a shorter length that it would not be quite as intruging as it was. It might not be on my monthly watch list but it is definately a good movie. I can see why they have made a few movies set in different times and places but based on the same plotline.

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  1. Your title feels a little off from the feel of your post, Rebekah. Other than that, this is excellent. I'm curious, though. What films are on your "monthly watch list"?