Saturday, October 2, 2010


A poor family in Rome, Italy is desperately in need of income. The family is made up of Antonio who is the father, a mother, their young son, and their infant daughter. Antonio's wife decides she will pawn off their household linens in reclaim for a bicycle the pawnshop has that could go to good use, a job offer for Antonio. On his first day at work his bicycle is stolen. So he and his young son decide to search the streets of Rome to find his bicycle. The day gets frustrating for the father and son, they run through a few challenges throughout their day. While they're out searching for this bike they get into a confrontation with his neighbor, they have a meal at a restaurant, they go to a fortune teller to see if they will recover they bicycle. Throughout the movie the father and young son develop a closer bond.

* I liked this movie because the close bond between the father and son. They both show the true way a parent and child get along. They get into a few arguments together but they still loved each other at the end of the day. Very cute flick, deserves about a A-

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  1. good summary you made it short choppy and down to the point. I think you could have gone into more detail with his adventures trying to find the bike. I agree with you it was a good movie and I also e liked the bond between father and son