Sunday, October 31, 2010


Stephen King starts off with his thought of all mankind being mentally disordered to some extent. People go watch horror movie to prove themselves as brave and daring. Young people like it more than the elderly. Indeed, the sick craving of horror movies lives beneath our skin and just does not manifest in daily life. Sometimes we find it interesting to watch someone getting killed and the satisfaction that we get breaks all the restriction of morals and ethics, bringing us back to the animal inside. The feelings and thoughts being kept inside each one of us need to be let loose sometimes. While some of the feelings are deemed civilized, some are not. The civilized deeds and feelings are celebrated meanwhile the others are spited against. Yet the latter manages to exist under different forms such as sick jokes. Yet, these sick jokes keep the real sickness from getting out and harm other people.

Everybody is weird in a certain way, yes. Yet, I disagree with Stephen King when he deems nose picking as insanity. Nose picking is an act of cleaning dirt out of the system which is perfectly normal and sane. If nose picking would be considered abnormal, the author may include bathing as well. Personally, I find his attempt of covering up his weak argument with abstract comparisons and language not very convincing. Moreover, the sick joke he mentions is more likely to be deemed lame rather than funny. It is not only an inappropriate joke but also an annoyance to those who have to listen to or read about it.


  1. Ha, I do not know if I totally agree on your nose picking standpoint. I mean, yeah, its not clearly insanity, but I don't think King is totally calling picking your nose insanity either..?

  2. I thought his abstract comparisons and language was brilliant... he's Stephen King! He's like the King of Horror and his argument was pretty dead on for me but I guess everyone is different. And I don't think he's saying nose picking is completely insanity because he says we're all mentally ill, so even "normal" people have the potential to be crazy, which makes them mental in a way. Nose picking, like horror movies is kind of a psychic releif because theres something inside that needs to get out.

  3. Wow you guys really clear things up for me! Thanks! =D