Monday, October 25, 2010

procrastination???? i need more coffee

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Scott Pilgrim, a teen on a journey to conquer all ex boyfriends of a female he adores. or just some fantasy of a 12 year old kid with A.D.D. and has no life screaming into the screen "OMGROFLMAO!". A review on the movie? or just a rant on the critics that obliterated this movie via words on paper, or blog in this day and age. As a 30 year old adult this critic talks about how the critics attacked the audience more then the movie. she made a great point as she stated that she is not a "gamer" and she enjoyed the movie. After reading through this wonderful link three times over all the information that I got is above so easy on the comment section please and thank you.

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Should gamers be judged as immature people who have no lives? Should games that take people months, sometimes years, to make art? Years ago people thought of movies as the same way, not art, and Opera before that. Critics should experience and gain some knowledge about the creation and the enjoyment of video games before judging it as a waste of time that old "12 year old no life dorks" play. Give it time and video games is entertainment that more and more people find themselves to enjoy this interactive ART!

Greed!! All mine!!! All that gold!!

Gold is something that can destroy a man mentally. this movie is a great example on the damages that can be done to a normal man, besides the fact that he was dirt poor. Was the ending predictable some might ask and all I have to say is "watch it for yourself and see what you think." A story that is pretty original some would see it as boring but some would see it as good but why am I saying that because that is how all movies are.
Personal thoughts. Well I enjoyed this film and found that the actors played their parts really well and the story was really enjoyable from feeling sympathy for Mr. Dobbs to a worry if bandits will take the lives of these prospectors. I would recommend this film to people no doubt was a great story and had a pretty meaningful ending.


  1. i agree with you it was an alright movie. though i did have some high expectations because of Borgart. I felt the story was original but like you said it was a little way too predictable. Though I would not choose to watch this movie again.

  2. It was a pretty good movie. But I think the only reason I was able to sit through the whole thing was because the actors played thier parts as well as they did. Had that movie been made today I think we all might have some different opinions.