Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shoving the Poor Scrawny Losers to the Ground....

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
From Philadelphia Weekly
By Sean Burns

In the article ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’, a film critic discusses why in his point of view the movie was lousy and unsatisfactory. The purpose of the article is to give personal insight of the movie’s bad qualities and prepare the audience for a movie they may not relate to or enjoy. Continually referring to the movie as, “Fan Serviced”, which is a form of entertainment primarily to please a core group of fans, the article’s concept is that the movie only appeals to the young generation with no morals or no life.

Since the movie is fixated on video games, the author believes that it captures the, “devoted hearts of arrested 12-year-old boys.” Those being over the age of thirty may have no interest at all in the film. The reason it appeals so much to the younger generations may be the result of soaring large text and good sound effects, just like a cartoon has. The author expresses that the character of Scott is lamely played by the tiresome tone Michael Cera. He goes on to say that the fighting performance and impossible stunts of Scott is not impressing or funny. The biggest problem the author has with the movie is the fact Scott cheats on his girlfriend Knives in order to pursue Ramona. He firmly believes that Knives deserved better. The romance between Scott and Ramona is dual, uninteresting, and the film is too lazy to show them falling in love. Believing that the movie portrays women as objects to either be obtained or discarded, the author claims that, “nerds can be just as shallow and mean-spirited as bullies.” He states that the concept of the film is dealing with the memories in a relationship of the significant others that came before you.

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