Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Slashing through the Sword!!

In the movie of Seven Samuri it was complete Black and White, but throughout the movie i had my full attention on the film itself. This was a movie that kept my attention, mainly because of all the action that took place throughout it all.
From the beginning I kept in mind that this was a film that is going to be over three hours long and I kept telling myselft, "am I going to stay awake thoughtout the entire movie?" but in a shocker mode i actually did. In my point of view this was a good film, because this was made years ago, and for the director to make a film this strong has a good set idea for it all.
The story follows as a group of farmers gather seven warriors to steal their crops. A distinked action of killings and slayings take place as these warriors trie and get passed others. A relationship begins to take place with the youngest samuri of the group with a local village girl.Soon after a battle takes place and when morning arrives, most of the bandits were found to be dead. Nearing towards the end only three samuri's were left standing and this allows them to say that the farmers had won the battle that they feared from the beginning.

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