Monday, October 11, 2010

So You're Thirteen?

In Kenneth Turan's article The Hours and Times, is justification of the length of "Seven Samurai." Three hours and twenty-seven minutes, the movie is rather lengthy. With each passing minute the audience, including myself, becomes increasingly captivated. Turban says in his article that the movie uses the time creatively, rather than rushing through. The length allows for the audience to familiarize with each of the characters. To become familiar to the characters enables the audience to view each as an individual, which establishes an emotional connection between the audience and the film. As an audience we are able to see the passage of time, hard work, tears, and joy. Which further captivates and intrigues through the entire film. This film would not have been a work of art if it hadn't been lengthy.
I completely agree with this article. Time moved swiftly as I became increasingly interested. If the movie had been made shorter I would not have been able to become so intrigued and it would have been just a regular uninteresting movie. I was captivated by both the characters and plot. From the wise words of Grandad all the way through to the end scene of the four Samurai graves I was able to give my appreciation to the movie. When I left the room I could still feel the moral of the movie. Sometimes good guys win and bad guys lose, but that doesn't mean that the good guys get what they want, or what they deserve. The length of this movie is indeed easily justifiable. Every minute holds importance for the film as a whole. Some movies simply are just better than dissected, chopped up films that feed the mouths of entertainment for society today.


  1. I agree with you completely when you say if the movie was shorter, it just wouldn't have been as great. The movie is lenghty, but its lengthy for a great reason.

  2. That final scene of the survivors looking up at the 4 samurais' graves is a beautiful shot!

    Nice post!

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